Connecting service providers and patients in a whole new way

Give feedback and qualified answers in real-time or provide an immediate change in service based on patient responses, plus so much more!

Connect directly to your patients and interact instantly



Here are some features and benefits of healthcare providers using the CareSay Pro app:

Low Cost Registration

You can start using CareSay Pro at a low annual cost!

Service Recovery

Provide real time, pre-emptive Service Recovery.

Analyze Data

Review feedback data using AI interfaces.

Immediate Requests

Receive requests from patients, residents, and family members.


See how your care is being rated and reviewed.

Caregiver Retention

Retain your valued healthcare employees and staff.

Track Your Feedback

Track all communication conveniently within the app.

Actionable Feedback

Make a difference in the healthcare you give.

What can I do with this app?

CareSay Pro connects you directly to your patients and empowers you to communicate and interact in real-time.

Improved Healthcare

Ask your patients how to improve the way they are being served.

Get a Compliment

Receive a compliment from a patient who is pleased with your great healthcare.

Hear Any Concerns

Receive a complaint or health concern and explain what options are available.

Manage Your Ratings

Send a detailed response to ratings and comments from your patients.

Get direct immediate feedback from your patients.

Do you want to send feedback directly to your healthcare provider?

We encourage you to download our app today to become directly connected to your service provider.

You can track all communication with your patients efficiently.


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